Switching controller

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Analog Devices’ has introduced a new single-phase, high-current switching controller.

Analog Devices’ has introduced a new single-phase, high-current switching controller ideal for applications that demand regulated precision and reliability, such as wireless base stations and network computing systems.

The ADP1822 is a synchronous, fixed-frequency switching controller suited for high current applications – such as communications infrastructure systems and high performance servers.

A critical need for designing to meet power management requirements is how best to manage multiple power sources. The ADP1822 output voltage can track an input voltage when multiple power rails sequencing is required. This regulated output can be dynamically adjusted up or down with the regulator’s margining-control inputs. Margining offers the capability to offset the regulated output voltage by a few percent when the system reliability is being checked.

The ADP1822 drives an all N-channel power stage to regulate an output voltage as low as 0.6V with 20 A load current. The controller features a +/1 percent 0.6V on-board voltage reference, making it suitable for next generation DSPs, FPGAs, core supplies and microprocessors, which require a low and accurate power supply voltage under 1V.

The device operates from a 3. V to 5.5V supply, and its voltage range of 1.0V to 2V provides flexibility for designers developing higher voltage applications. Additional features include programmable soft-start, power good indicator, shutdown, thermal overload protection, over-voltage protection and under voltage lockout.

The ADP1822 is available now in a 24-lead QSOP (small outline package) at $1.80 per unit in 1,000-unit quantities and is offered over the extended industrial temperature range of -40 degrees C to +85 degrees.