Synergy Health cleans up with Spirax Sarco

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Synergy Health in Sheffield, has reduced gas consumption in its boiler by 11% thanks to an innovative heat recovery system from Spirax Sarco. Faced with ever-increasing fuel costs Synergy Health commissioned Spirax Sarco to supply and project manage the i

The FREME system recovers the energy in condensate and flash steam from around the plant and uses it to preheat the pressurised feed water to the boiler. Before the project, water entered the boiler at around 90oC but now arrives at 130oC. Supplying hotter feed water reduces the amount of work the boiler needs to do to raise steam. Further savings are made as FREME ensures that as much flash steam as possible is condensed and returned to the feedtank, thus reducing water and chemical treatment costs.

“To validate the scheme we installed gas, water and steam meters before the FREME system was put in place,” explains Darren Haddock, Operations Manager at Synergy Health. “Since the installation we have been able to see great savings in all of these areas, specifically our gas usage.”

Synergy Health provides complete linen management services exclusively to the healthcare sector and is the 2nd largest focused healthcare linen supplier in England.

“We are happy with the new system so far, and expect payback on the project within 2 years,” says Darren. “The Spirax Sarco engineers were very helpful, their expertise and professionalism gives you confidence in the service.”

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