Tailored training courses for the fitting, maintenance and condition monitoring of rolling bearings

A range of tailor-made, modular training courses for engineers on the fitting, lubrication, alignment and condition monitoring of rolling bearings, is now available in the UK.

The training courses, provided by Schaeffler (UK) Ltd, can be individually tailored for each customer and for all skill levels, including apprentices and more experienced engineers.

Training course units, which include bearing mounting and dismounting, lubrication, alignment, condition monitoring and maintenance management, are based on a modular concept, enabling customers to compile their own customised training course for staff. Training is carried out at Schaeffler’s UK-based headquarters in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, or at the customer’s own premises.

Bearing mounting and dismounting courses include training modules on rolling bearings, mounting tools, spindle bearings and more specific courses such as tapered roller bearing maintenance for rail vehicles.

Schaeffler also provides a range of vocational courses for apprentices on rolling bearing selection, the correct mounting and dismounting of rolling bearings, as well as teaching them about the lubrication of rotating components, alignment and vibration monitoring.

As Ian Pledger, F’IS Field Service Engineer at Schaeffler (UK) comments: “When it comes to bearing mounting training, there really is nothing as effective as the hands-on approach. While there is plenty of literature available on how to correctly mount rolling bearings, there is a general lack of physical components within UK companies with which apprentices can learn how to fit these bearings under realistic conditions. We provide customer-focused, on-site training if required.”

In lubrication training courses, maintenance technicians are taught how to use Schaeffler’s comprehensive range of bearing lubrication systems, including Motion Guard. Other lubrication modules include the use, applications and handling of Schaeffler’s Arcanol range of bearing lubricants, where trainees will learn how to choose the appropriate grease for their particular application.

Alignment training includes courses on specific Schaeffler products such as the Smarty2 and Trummy2 for the tensioning of belts and for the alignment of belt drives and shafts to ensure higher performance and longer life of plant and machinery.

“Many inexperienced maintenance technicians are unsure how to correctly fit rolling bearings and are equally unaware of how susceptible these bearings can be to damage and excess wear if they are not fitted appropriately. Rather like DIY jobs at home, if you use the right tools, the task can be completed in half the time with half the effort. That’s what we are trying to achieve in our rolling bearing courses,” adds Pledger.

Schaeffler also offers training courses on the condition monitoring of rolling bearings. General vibration monitoring theory is covered, including specific product training on Schaeffler’s popular FAG Detector III handheld vibration monitoring and balancing system. Other product-specific training modules are available for Schaeffler’s fixed condition monitoring systems such as FAG DTECT X1 and FAG ProCheck.

For more information on Schaeffler’s range of bearing and condition monitoring training courses, please visit
 www.fis-services.com or telephone the marketing department on 0121 351 3833 and ask for a copy of TPI WL 80-71 EA.

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