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Make your voice heard in the largest industry-wide salary survey of its kind

Last year, in our second annual engineering salary survey, we asked UK engineers from across industry to tell us how they felt about their jobs and how much they get paid.

With almost 4000 engineers from across 18 sectors of UK industry taking part, the survey provided an illuminating picture of life in engineering, from levels of job satisfaction and how pay and benefits in some sectors differ to others, to the number of women in the profession and how their earnings compare to those of their male colleagues.

Key findings last year included a negligible increase in average salaries (£45.3k); the news that almost 50 per cent of all engineers in the UK are considering a change of job; and a drop of around £3k on average salaries for junior engineers.  You can read the full report of our 2016 survey here.


It will be interesting to see what has changed, what has remained the same, and what impact Brexit is having on the engineering workplace when we sit down to analyse the results of the 2017 survey, which you can take part in here.

As with last year, not only will your feedback make a valuable contribution to our ongoing coverage of this important issue, but your answers will also be fed into our online salary benchmarking tool, which you will be able to use to see how your salary compares with that of your peers.

The full results of the 2017 Salary Survey, which we are running in partnership with technical recruitment specialist CBS Butler, will be revealed in June 2017.

To take part, and to enter a draw to win a £500 John Lewis voucher, click here:


All data collected will be aggregated and all information you may provide will remain totally anonymous.