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A new on-line test aims to discover just how much mechanical engineers know about CFD.

A recent Flomerics survey revealed that while 75 per cent of mechanical designers have heard of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD),  80 per cent are not currently using it.

The most common reason cited as to why was that “most mechanical design engineers don’t have the necessary expertise and knowledge to use a CFD code.”

However, many of them already have a working knowledge of the basic principles of fluid flow and heat transfer but they may not be aware of that fact.

To help design engineers test their understanding, Flomerics has developed a Fluids IQ Test. The test consists of 17 questions and on the average requires 10 minutes to complete.

Upon completing the Fluids IQ Test, participants will be able to see their score and how it compares against their peers who have also taken the test.

They will also be able to request a copy of the correct answers.

Why not take the Fluids IQ Test for fun at www.flomerics.com/IQTest.