Tantamount to a solution

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Vishay Intertechnology has announced the release of the industry’s first tantalum capacitors to provide 3300µF in a package with a height of only 2.5mm.

Providing an alternative solution to the use of multiple low-value capacitors to achieve sufficient capacitance in low-profile applications, Vishay Intertechnology, has announced the release of what it says is industry’s first tantalum capacitors to provide 3300µF in a package with a height of 2.5mm.

Vishay Sprague 592D conformal-coated solid tantalum capacitors in the X case are designed for noise suppression, filtering, coupling, and timing applications in end products including PCMCIA cards, power supplies, line cards, and cell phones.

Eliminating the need to use several capacitors in parallel to meet high-capacitance and low-profile requirements, the new 592D capacitors help designers to lower costs and increase efficiency in the use of board real estate, which in turn results in more reliable and cost-effective consumer products.

The 592D devices in the X case are available with 4-V and 6.3-V ratings, and capacitances of 1000µF, 1500µF, 2200µF, and 3300µF. They feature a very low maximum ESR range, including 0.055 ohms at +25° C and 100kHz for the 3300µF model.

The entire 592D family of Tantamount conformal-coated solid tantalum capacitors spans a capacitance range of 1µF to 3300µF, a profile height from 1.0mm to 2.5mm, and ratings from 4V to 35V. They are rated for an operating temperature range of -55° C to +85° C, or up to +125° C with voltage derating, and are available in tape-and-reel packaging.

Samples and production quantities of the new 592D tantalum capacitors are available now with lead times of up to 8 to 10 weeks.