TCT 2008 Rapid Manufacturing Conference

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Cheshire, UK, 29th July 2008: Since the release of the TCT 2008 RM conference programme, uptake from delegates has been prompt. This justified response underlines the exceptional quality of papers being presented at this years’ conference, which guarantee to deliver an unparalleled level of expertise in the field of rapid manufacturing.


Leading experts from a range of industries will be present, taking the opportunity to share with delegates their extensive knowledge and practical experiences of rapid manufacturing techniques. Opening the conference with the keynote address is industry guru Terry Wohlers, who will take to the stage and present “An Outlook to Endless Possibilities”, highlighting some of the latest developments and trends in RM and discussing the increasing use of additive fabrication (AF) for difficult-to-manufacture parts.


The morning of day one of the conference will be dedicated to the design issues associated with RM. Papers being presented include: “Back to the Drawing Board — Addressing the Design Issues of RM at Renishaw”, presented by Jeremy Pullin, RM Manager. This presentation explains the measures taken to change from a design culture, which has been developed around conventional manufacturing to one which includes Rapid Manufacturing. Also being presented is “Design 2.0”, presented by industry consultant Geoff Hollington, who will look at how additive manufacture provides an entirely new context or platform for engineering and design.


The afternoon sessions will focus on actual RM applications and papers will be presented by leading industry figures such as Bob Hemmings, Chief Engineer at Assystem UK who will present “Revolutionising Gas Turbine Instrumentation Techniques with RM”, discussing how additive fabrication techniques offer a new approach to the long standing problem of improving the method to instrumenting a gas turbine. Eric Jones from Styker Orthopaedics will present, “Rapid Manufacturing Biomedical Implants with Controlled Porosity”, detailing a cooperative project between the University of Liverpool and Stryker Orthopaedics to develop an additive process to produce bio-medical implants.


Day two of the conference carries on the theme of real life RM case studies. Paul du Plessis, Deputy Design & Technical Support Manager from Saab Avitronics will present “An End-Functional Application of RM in a Military Environment”, describing a project and the resulting benefits derived in the development of a hand-held test apparatus used in a military operational environment. Stephen Rouse from the Walter Reed Army Medical Centre, USA, will discuss his experiences in, “Rapid Manufacture of Titanium Porous Mesh Cranioplastics for Battlefield Injuries.”


Discussing metal applications of RM will be Max Ruffo from the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre with Boeing who will present the paper, “Comparison between Powder Bed systems for Metal Rapid Manufacturing: Laser or Electron Beam?”; and Lionel Dean from Future Factories will discuss, “Titananium Jewellery: High end Decorative Design Straight from the Machine”.


Both days of the conference will conclude with the popular panel review session giving delegates the opportunity to openly discuss pertinent issues as well as their own experiences of using rapid manufacturing.


The 2008 RM conference programme is one of the strongest line ups in the history of the event and has been carefully designed to give attendees an invaluable source of information when examining RM processes for their own applications.


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