TEDSdongle from HBM saves time and configuration costs for sensors

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HBM has launched the TEDSdongle to automatically configure transducers and sensors for measurement tasks without needing an additional amplifier. The TEDSdongle extends HBM’s support of Transducer Electronic Data Sheet (TEDS) technology which ensures measurement chains can be automatically and securely recognized and configured.

The use of the dongle in combination with TEDS-compatible sensors significantly reduces the time and costs for the set-up of a test system or test configuration. The automatic configuration of the sensors delivers reliable and reproducible measurement results.

The TEDSdongle allows users to read and write TEDS information rapidly and inexpensively to the memory chip for configuring sensors and to prepare them for measurement tasks. TEDS data are stored according to the international IEEE standard 1451.4, which defines manufacturer-independent standards for electronic data sheets.  Transducer data can also be archived to a PC and easily used as a template for new sensors. 

The TEDS-Editor software, supplied by HBM, aids users to parameterize the corresponding TEDS information for their measurement tasks. The software automatically recognizes the TEDS memory and enables the modification and configuration of sensors in the laboratory or on site.

The TEDSdongle is connected via a USB port to a Windows PC; no additional voltage supply is required. Typical applications include test bench engineering, in production or in the laboratory sector.

Further information at: www.hbm.com/teds

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