Temperature sensors for industrial & scientific applications

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The range of Labfacility thermocouple and PRT sensors has been greatly enhanced to meet the needs of virtually any application. Standard configurations or custom made assemblies are offered in all of the widely used calibrations, type J,K,N,R,S and B. The choice of standard sheath materials include stainless steel, Inconel (trade mark), Nicrobell (trade mark), recrystallised alumina and silicon carbide; other materials are available to special order.

Depending on the choice of sensor type and sheath materials, temperature ratings of up to 1750oC are available with single or duplex elements.

The comprehensive selection of mineral insulated thermocouples now features 0.5mm sheath diameter versions in addition to 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 3.0mm and 6.0mm.

Mineral insulated PRT sensors are now available in a range of diameters and configurations to meet the need for high accuracy, high stability, sheath flexibility and robust construction.

All thermocouples comply with cable colour codes and tolerances to IEC 584-3 . A family of installation fittings and compensating thermocouple connectors manufactured by Labfacility is also available from stock.

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