The Engineer’s five most commented stories of 2021

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Receiving feedback is one of the ways in which The Engineer’s editorial team can gauge the mood of readers as we report on stories with national significance. 

What we do know is that energy continues to be an issue that often polarises our readers. From what we can gather, we’re too slow as a nation on nuclear, fusion is always decades away, we’re building the wrong renewables and undermining ourselves with the green solutions that are being deployed.

Latterly we’ve been covering significant developments in the hydrogen sphere, which has many of you doubting its credibility as a viable, low-carbon source of energy and questioning bulk storage solutions for the abundant element.

Whatever your stance may be, below we present the five stories that had you writing in to praise, denigrate or comment otherwise. We hope you enjoy this recap, and we encourage new comments below the line. Our guidelines for comments can be found here.

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