The M800 flow computer by Spirax Sarco

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The M800 flow computer, launched by Spirax Sarco, provides accurate monitoring of saturated or superheated steam consumption. The unit provides a simple and versatile way to help monitor energy costs, a vitally important function in the face of relentless fuel price rises.

The M800 takes a 4-20mA signal from a range of pipeline transmitters and converts it into flowrate, total flow, pressure and temperature readings. Customers can choose whether to display flow calculations in terms of mass of steam or energy flows, and both metric and imperial units are available. A 4-20mA output is also provided as standard to enable re-transmission of the data to a chart recorder or building management system.

Using the simple front panel controls, the display can be quickly set to show trends in graphical form, providing a clear view of recent flow and energy consumption.

The M800 is designed to work with Spirax Sarco’s Gilflo, ILVA and DIVA variable area flowmeters, as well as other linear devices, such as vortex meters. It contains full steam property information and calculates density compensation with suitable inputs from pressure and/or temperature transmitters. Operator-settable alarms are provided to warn if the flowrate, temperature or pressure goes above or below specified limits, which can be clearly shown on the graphical display.

Four independent timers enable the M800 to record the total flow and peak flow during different timeframes. The user can also set a security code to prevent tampering.

In addition to the standard features, the M800 can be easily expanded with the added boards that can be simply retrofitted to the base unit.

* A 4-20mA analogue output board provides two outputs that can be configured for temperature and pressure.
* The relay option board provides two, volt-free relays that can be configured for alarms.
* A Modbus RTU communications option board gives access to total, flowrate, temperature and pressure data.

The M800 is available in wall and panel-mounted versions.


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