The UK SMEs making the Elizabeth line tick

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A huge array of UK engineering firms up and down the country have contributed to getting the Elizabeth line up and running - one of Europe's largest infrastructure projects in modern times. Here's just a short list of some of the SMEs that have made subtle yet vital contributions to London’s newest transport landmark. 

Howe Green - Floor access

Hertfordshire-based Howe Green’s stainless steel floor access covers have been installed throughout the ticket halls, walkways and main concourses of several Elizabeth Line stations, including Whitechapel and Farringdon – as well as Bond Street, which is due to open this autumn.

Flooring at Farringdon, Elizabeth Line. Credit: Crossrail Ltd. -
Flooring at Whitechapel, Elizabeth Line. Credit: Howe Green -


Designplan - Platform lighting

Lighting manufacturer Designplan, which is based in Sutton, has supplied lighting solutions to several Elizabeth Line stations including Canary Wharf, Bond Street, Liverpool Street, Tottenham Court Road, Whitechapel and Farringdon.

Elizabeth Line lightboxes being manufactured by Designplan in Sutton. Credit: Designplan -
Adrian Verco of Designplan beneath his company's Elizabeth line lighting, having been one of the first passengers to travel on the new line on May 24th. Credit: Designplan -

Dewhurst - Push buttons

Feltham-based Dewhurst, which has been manufacturing push buttons for more than 100 years, is responsible for jumbo push buttons at the new Elizabeth Line stations – almost all of which have elevator access from day 1.

Howe Green, Design Plan and Dewhurst are all members of Made in Britain - a trade association of British manufacturers that includes close to 500 engineering company members located across the UK.