Top Employers 2023 provides barometer of job seeking intentions in the engineering profession

The Engineer magazine is pleased to announce the publication of Top Employers 2023, which includes results from a survey of attitudes in the engineering profession toward what makes a good employer.


In doing so, the Top Employers 2023 survey provides industry recruiters with a comprehensive insight into what engineers look for in their roles, what could be done differently to improve the experience, and – for those who are looking to change roles - what they are looking for in a new employer.

Headline findings in the survey reveal an increase in the number of engineers wanting to remain in the profession for at least another five years. Furthermore, over a third of respondents are open to seeking a new opportunity and 10 per cent are actively looking to move. For those seeking a change of employer factors such as salary, financial benefits and flexible working arrangements have been identified as important when considering a move.

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Respondents were also asked to identify who they consider to be the Top 10 Engineering employers outside of their own organisations, three of which – JLR, Babcock and BAE – have contributed their unique insights into what they are looking for when hiring new staff. They are joined by Horiba Mira and AWE in outlining what each organisation is trying to achieve, what jobseekers can do to improve their employability, and what the successful applicant can expect in return for their services.