Trade-in at 3Dconnexion

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has announced a programme which will allow users to trade-in their existing 3Dconnexion motion controller for a SpacePilot, the company’s first intelligent motion controller.

The programme is open to users of the SpaceBall 2003, SpaceBall 3003, SpaceBall 4000, SpaceMouse Classic or SpaceMouse Plus and applies to serial devices only. For a limited time qualifying customers can upgrade to a SpacePilot for £199, excluding taxes and shipping.

Created to boost productivity, the SpacePilot couples 3D motion control with an array of function keys powered by adaptive technology. The controller incorporates a built-in LCD display that allows users to view dynamically labelled and extendable key assignments, providing an almost unlimited number of functions based on the user’s current task. As users change applications or change tasks within their application, moving from sketching to part modelling to assembly modelling, for instance, the LCD presents them with updated functions relevant to the activity at hand.

“Many 3Dconnexion customers have moved from Unix to Windows yet continue to use their old motion controllers, which have been unsupported for over a year. Most of these devices are also out of warranty,” commented Andy Parnell-Hopkinson, 3Dconnexion sales director for northern Europe.

“The SpacePilot is 3Dconnexion’s most advanced controller to date. It offers all the performance advantages of USB over serial port and provides superior sensitivity and more efficient navigation,” he added “It is also compatible with applications such as MS Office, Adobe InDesign, Explorer and Adobe Photoshop, a feature that many of our customers have been asking for.”

The SpacePilot brings to market technology developed after extensive research into CAD and animation user workflows. Rapid, single key access to frequent application commands is provided via the new and easily accessible function speed keys, which feature LCD-based labelling that can dynamically update based on given applications and functions. These keys can be organised into multiple banks – the ability to switch banks gives access to an unlimited number of customisable keys. Other keys are labelled for common functions across professional 3D applications such as keyboard modifiers (Ctrl, Shift, Alt, Esc), standard orthographic views and the fit-to-screen function.

The SpacePilot supports the same list of over 100 content creation, design, analysis and manufacturing applications as the SpaceBall and SpaceMouse products and is available through 3Dconnexion’s worldwide resellers and distributors.