The Technology Strategy Board (TSB) is to invest £15m in more than 30 new research and development projects aimed at reducing emissions from power stations and other CO2 intensive industries.

As well as 10 major collaborative research and development projects, 21 SMEs will receive funding to undertake technical feasibility studies for their technologies.

‘The introduction of renewable energy technologies will, over time, reduce our dependence on fossil fuels,’ said Iain Gray, chief executive, Technology Strategy Board. ‘However, these will continue to dominate our energy supply for at least another 40 years. In addition, the continuing drive and increasing political and regulatory pressure to reduce CO2 emissions means that our large process industries also need to urgently address this challenge.’

One activity to benefit from TSB funding is the E.ON-led IMPACT project.

The TSB is to contribute £908,652 to the £1,834,729 project, which aims to improve the efficiency of steel-based coal-fired power plant.

Consortium members include Doosan Babcock Energy, Alstom Power and Loughborough University.