TSB funds study into disruptive low-carbon vehicle technology

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Fourteen UK companies are to receive support to carry out feasibility studies into the development of disruptive low-carbon vehicle technology.

The £1m funding, from the Technology Strategy Board (TSB), will support 15 vehicle-centric studies that challenge current conventions, explore new boundaries or adapt novel technologies to an entirely different field.

Andrew Everett, head of transport at the TSB, said: ‘As a part of the low-carbon vehicle Integrated Delivery Programme, we are exploring new technologies and testing innovative thinking.

‘Through these studies, we aim to draw out innovative technologies being developed within the UK that have the potential to redefine the current automotive industry view.’

Including contributions from the participating companies — including Delta Motorsport, Gordon Murray Design and Ricardo UK — the total cost of the studies is more than £1.6m and the average level of government support for each study is £71,000.

The studies will be completed within 12 months and the TSB intends to run a further competition in 2012 that will create an opportunity for follow-on funding.

Other companies participating in the programme include Aeristech, Axon Automotive, Equipmake, Fusion Innovations, HILTech Developments, Libertine FPE, Nissan Motor Manufacturing UK, SAIC Motor UK, Sunamp, TRW Conekt and WDL.