UK and China in low-carbon collaboration

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The UK government has agreed deals worth $500m with Chinese businesses that will help China meet its environmental targets.

During a recent trip to China, business secretary Lord Mandelson announced that the UK government has agreed deals worth $500m (£300m) with Chinese businesses that will promote the expertise of UK companies and help China meet its environmental targets.

Mandelson said: 'Across the board, the UK can offer the knowledge, technology and experience to help our two economies de-carbonise. The UK has world-class climate-change research institutions and consultancy services in carbon measurement and management. Our architects and engineers are creating designs for the low-carbon cities of the future.'

One of the deals that has arisen from the partnership is a £25m Framework Heads of Agreement to be signed between Beijing Landview Mapping Information Technology and Surrey Satellite Technology for a new satellite to form part of the international Disaster Monitoring Constellation.

A further £10m joint venture will be signed between the Carbon Trust and the China Energy Conservation Investment Corporation (CECIC) for the creation of a 'Foreign Invested Venture Capital Enterprise' introducing low-carbon technology companies from UK to China.

Mandelson added: 'Pilkington, Greens Power, Zed Factory and the Carbon Trust are examples of outstanding UK companies working with advanced and low-carbon technology. These new contracts not only demonstrate the strength of economic ties between the UK and China, but also our shared commitment for developing a low-carbon economy.'

In addition to improving business-to-business collaboration between the countries, Mandelson signed a bilateral governmental agreement with the Mayor of Changsha establishing Changsha as the third ‘Sustainable City’, alongside Wuhan and Chongqing.

According to Mandelson, the Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan city cluster will provide UK businesses with opportunities to win deals on 134 key projects.