UK gets new test facility for agricultural and off-highway vehicles

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A new facility at Millbrook in the UK will enable agricultural and off-highway vehicle engineers to conduct a wider range of powertrain tests with greater accuracy, at temperatures as low as -20C

test facility
Inside UTAC's new 4WD VTEC (Variable Temperature Emissions Chamber) facility at Millbrook

Operated by vehicle testing group UTAC, the 4WD VTEC (Variable Temperature Emissions Chamber) facility, the facility will enable engineers to test the performance of agricultural and other off-highway vehicles with up to 20 tonnes axle weight and a simulated loading of up to 60 tonnes.

According to UTAC it will allow manufacturers of agricultural and off-highway vehicles to prove the thermal stability of a vehicle’s engine during operation under various ambient conditions and is fully equipped to measure the energy consumption and range of conventional, hybrid and electric vehicles. The facility is also able to support testing of hydrogen-fuelled vehicles reflecting the trends within the sector to embrace new powertrain solutions.

With the new VTEC 4WD’s double and tri-axle capability, engineers are able to offer a wide range of test types. It has a dedicated particulate matter (PM) filter weighing chamber. Its emissions system includes a carousel mechanism, which will allow the running of tests with multiple phases and with no limit on cycle duration.

Laurent Benoit, Chief Executive Officer at UTAC said, “In the development of the all new 4WD VTEC facility our engineers have worked hard to ensure that the agricultural and off-highway sector has everything it needs to perform more accurate powertrain tests in a controlled environment.  The introduction of this facility is an important step in ensuring that we remain at the leading edge of testing and development, now and in the coming decades, for heavy duty vehicles.”

UTAC’s new 4WD VTEC facility is open immediately and available for customer testing.