Ukraine’s nuclear operator signs long-term enrichment contract with Urenco

Urenco has signed a new contract for the long-term supply of nuclear enrichment services with Energoatom, Ukraine’s national nuclear operator.


The company has worked with Energoatom since 2009 and this contract sees the company remain their major supplier into the next decade.

Ukraine’s nuclear power plants provided nearly half (46.8 per cent) of its wartime electricity generation in the first eight months of 2023, despite the occupation of 40 per cent of Ukraine’s nuclear power capacity at the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant, according to Ukrenergo, operator of Ukraine’s high-voltage transmission lines.

Andrew Bowie , the UK minister for nuclear, said that diversifying energy sources and reducing dependence on Russian nuclear services and fuel is key as Ukraine defends itself against invasion by Russia.


“I am delighted to see British expertise playing such a crucial role in supporting Ukraine’s energy security as it rebuilds, while also supporting jobs and growing the economy back home,” added Nusrat Ghani, UK minister for Industry and Economic Security.

Urenco has a global presence and operates three enrichment plants in the UK, the largest of which produces over 80 per cent of the facility’s enrichment capacity.

Commenting on the announcement, Tom Greatrex, chief executive of the UK Nuclear Industry Association, said: “This deal is significant to Ukraine’s freedom and long term position, because its economy, society and war effort runs on nuclear power. Western enrichment will help Ukraine be free from dependence on Russian resources while bringing jobs and investment to Britain.

"Our nuclear industry is uniquely placed to reduce Russia’s leverage over our allies in Ukraine and beyond by building up our own world-class facilities at Capenhurst and Springfields. That is why the UK and western allies should be sanctioning, banning and replacing Russian fuel supplies throughout the Western world.”

Representatives from Energoatom and Urenco signed the contract at the World Nuclear Exhibition 2023, which is taking place this week (28-30 November) in France.