UPS Battery Testing

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The Hioki 3554 battery tester assesses the health of valve regulated, flooded lead acid and Ni-Cd batteries. Batteries that form part of a UPS system can be inspected without having to disconnect the batteries from the system that they protect, batteries can even be tested while connected to the charging circuit. This tester offers the service engineer the quickest, simplest way of testing and recording the health of batteries within a UPS system.

During testing both the voltage and impedance are measured simultaneously; readings are automatically held and stored to the instruments integral memory which is capable of storing up to 4800 battery tests, in 12 separate file locations.

Test results are stored against real time; this feature enables engineers to work without constraint for many days/weeks before it is necessary to download test data.
The Hioki 3554 Battery HiTESTER retails at £1,399

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