US construction technologies firm Icon has demonstrated a method for 3D printing a single storey house in less than 24 hours


The small company - which is hoping to pioneer the use of 3D printing for homebuilding - has unveiled a 650 square foot home in Austin, Texas that was built using its Vulcan 3D printer, which builds structures by depositing layers of specially formulated cement.

The firm claims that it can print an entire home for $10,000 but that costs could ultimately be brought as low $4000.

It has now joined forces with housing charity New Story to further develop the technology and use it to build affordable homes in parts of the developing world. The two companies reportedly plan to work together to build around 100 3D printed homes in El Salvador.

3D printed house
Artists rendering of the Vulcan 3D printer in action

Icon claims that the planned production version of the printer will have the ability to build a single storey, 600-800 square foot 3D printed house in under 24 hours for less than $4,000.