Vayyar offers full vehicle monitoring with RoC sensor

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4D Imaging solutions company Vayyar has developed a Radar-on-Chip (RoC) sensor that covers the entire cabin of any passenger vehicle.

The sensor has been designed to cover up to three rows and is able to accommodate cars with sunroofs through rear ceiling installation. Described by Vayyar as a ‘breakthrough safety solution’, it has been designed to monitor every seat as well as all footwells and the open trunk area.

“With SUVs making up over 40 per cent of vehicle sales in many countries, complete cabin coverage is crucial,” said Ian Podkamien, VP and head of automotive at Vayyar. “Three-row CPD solutions for all vehicles, including those with sunroofs, will help prevent ‘hot car’ incidents, while enhanced SBR will save thousands more lives by ensuring that all passengers wear seat belts.”

Vayyar said the full-cabin sensor will be fully operational in all lighting and weather conditions and does not involve the use of cameras, maintaining privacy. Each sensor contains 48 transceivers, providing an ‘ultra-wide’ field of view and high resolution while allowing for support of multiple applications simultaneously.

4D imaging gets ahead in automotive safety

Features include a Child Presence Detection and Seat Belt Reminder which detects occupants’ posture and position and classifies them as children or adults.

A 4D Point Application Programming Interface (API) will allow for independent deployment of additional safety features over its cloud point layer, including occupant status, optimised airbag deployment and dynamic disabling, seat belt pre-tensioning, eCall, gesture recognition, out-of-position detection and intruder detection.

Providing multi-functionality on a single chip is ‘instrumental’ in providing enhanced safety without additional hardware, said Podkamien. The one sensor per function approach can be expensive and burden vehicles with more wiring, hardware and software. Meeting all Euro NCAP safety requirements, Vayyar’s single-sensor solution aims to reduce complexity and cost, providing up to ten in-cabin points for 2023 onwards.

“With a similar price point to an alternative radar sensor, or a standard ECU, Vayyar’s affordable technology is driving a paradigm shift that’s enabling economy vehicles to feature the exceptional safety offered by high-end models,” Podkamien added.