Video of the week: Biped robot promises to deliver

This week’s video comes courtesy of the robotics programme at Oregon State University’s College of Engineering, which has just unveiled a new bipedal bot named ‘Cassie’.


Smaller in stature than Boston Dynamics’ Atlas - which we saw take a beating from its creators around this time last year - Cassie can stand, steer, and endure a reasonable fall without breaking. According to its developers, the long-term goal for robots like Cassie will be home delivery, leading to fully automated low-cost shipping.

“Quite simply, robots with legs can go a lot of places that wheels cannot,” said Jonathan Hurst, an associate professor of robotics at the OSU College of Engineering.

“This will be the key to deliveries that can be made 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by a fleet of autonomous vans that pull up to your curb, and an onboard robot that delivers to your doorstep.”