Video of the week: laser weapons on sea, land and air

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In 2015 The Engineer reported that Lockheed Martin was to manufacture high-powered laser weapons and today we bring you a video from the company highlighting its advances in this field. 

laser weapons
Advanced Test High Energy Asset (ATHENA) laser weapon (Image: Lockheed Martin)

According to the company, a range of threats – mortar and artillery shells, small UAVs, lightweight ground vehicles and small attack boats – can now be defeated from a range of around one mile away.

The Laser Weapon System page of the company’s website states: “As fibre laser power levels increase, our systems will be able to disable larger threats and do so across greater distances. When operated in conjunction with kinetic energy systems, these systems can serve as a force multiplier.”

As the company says, ‘the time for laser weapons systems has come’. See for yourself in the video below.