Video of the week: THeMIS UGVs in live fire exercise

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This week’s video comes from Estonia where a pair of Milrem Robotics’ THeMIS UGVs have participated in a live fire training exercise with the Estonian Army.

Unmanned ground vehicle THeMIS Combat supported an army antitank weapons team and observer team in engaging and retreating from a threat by carrying equipment, providing covering fire and assisting ‘casualty’ evacuation.

The second UGV, THeMIS Observe deployed a tethered drone to provide a view of the battlefield and enhance situational awareness for the artillery battalion.

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Commenting on the exercise, Lt Mari-Li Kapp, commander of operations and training in the artillery battalion, said: “We found several benefits in including UGVs into our battle scenario.

“Having UGVs as a part of the reconnaissance force that prepares the arrival of the main unit, the UGVs could secure the indirect fire and anti-tank teams by providing direct fire support during an engagement and whilst some units are withdrawing.

“UGVs could also act as front guards all by themselves since they can provide situational awareness and act as forward observers for indirect fire.”

Tech specs for THeMIS Combat UGVs can be found here.