Webinar: avoiding technology collision

1 min read

With ever greater numbers of devices and systems now connected, ensuring that disparate systems are able to talk to each other is a growing challenge for manufacturers.

In this free to attend sessions, automation communication specialist HMS Industrial Networks will explain the issues that automation users and manufacturers face when technologies come together and outline some of the measures that can be taken to overcome some of these issues to ensure automation progression rather than destructive collision.

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Key discussion areas:

  • What technology collision is
  • The pitfalls automation users face now and in the future
  • How HMS Industrial Networks deals with technology convergence
  • Security threats to automation systems and how to prevent them
  • A neutral perspective on the latest automation technology trends


Meet the Presenters

David Bradley-Folley - General Manager UK+Eire, HMS Industrial Networks UK Ltd

David Bradley-Folley has worked for over 35 years in industrial and Smart building automation systems and has used this knowledge in many countries around the world. David has worked in design, software programming, project management as well as the other side of the fence in selling and marketing automation equipment.

Dr Jens Jakobsen - HMS Labs Development Manager, HMS Industrial Networks UK Ltd

Dr. Jens Jakobsen is HMS Labs Development Manager scouting for trends, people and companies defining the future of industrial communications. He has wide industry experience with companies such as HMS Networks, Schneider Electric and Motorola Solutions. Dr. Jakobsen holds 7 granted patents within telecom and industrial communications.