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Wellman Automation is a dedicated designer and supplier of process and electrical power control equipment to industry.  Their diverse range of products and services extends from process and temperature control packages, sophisticated multi-motor drives and power control systems through to SCADA and factory-wide data management networks.  Wellman Automation is part of the Wellman International group, a group of technology businesses whose philosophy is to focus on providing low carbon solutions.

Supplying a wide range of current rated control panels, on a fully integrated basis, to many industries such as metallurgical process, food, chemical and specialist engineering sectors,
Wellman Automation required a busbar system that was readily available, fully flexible and offered a wide range of current ratings and accessories. It was also paramount that the busbars could be easily assembled, were simple to integrate into 3rd party products and complimented the overall finished panel.  Wellman Automation selected Rittal as their choice of supplier as they were easily able to meet all the above requirements, have a long standing reputation for the quality and reliability of their products, and as the busbar systems were available as a standard product it simplified their planning.

Rittal’s RiLine60 busbar systems are designed to safely distribute power throughout a panel while conserving valuable space. A busbar system uses three copper bars attached to end supports that are connected to the back panel to distribute power throughout the enclosure.  Electrical components are mounted onto adaptors that simply snap into position, thereby establishing an electrical connection.  

The busbar systems are flexible and are suitable for ratings up to 1600Amps, offer rapid assembly, are rigid and modular, and can be cut to length to adapt to most applications.  They can also be positioned horizontally or vertically to optimise space.

Mounting is simple; busbars are simply inserted into the respective support.  The integral slide then adapts automatically to the bar width of 15, 20, 25 or 30mm.  No other accessory parts are required.  Inserting the bars and simply securing offers quick and fast assembly.  Wiring time is also reduced by up to 40%.  Free positioning of the support also offers greater stability and utilises the allocated space much more efficiently.

Control gear can be quickly assembled and wired to the RiLine60 support frame and mounted onto the busbar in one simple operation.  The metal reinforced base tray affords protection to the mounting level while at the same time providing the attachment basis for component adaptors with location systems (OT adaptors).

Safety is always assured as all Rittal power distribution products comply with the latest standards and regulations, including IPX2, reducing time of secondary shrouding.  Connections are also minimised and arc flash is dramatically reduced since all live parts are insulated.

Darryl Wells-Pope, Product Manager for Power Distribution commented “Rittal are delighted to be awarded this contract as it reflects our customer commitment; to supply reliable busbar systems, built to a high standard that are flexible, safe and readily available.”

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