WERC works to reduce emissions

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A new organisation has been established to give engine manufacturers an opportunity to outline how they can contribute to the long-term reduction of emission levels worldwide.

An agreement signed in London last week established the World Engine Remanufacturing Council (WERC). It followed a conference held by the UK’s Federation of Engine Remanufacturers (FER) which was attended by senior representatives from engine remanufacturing associations in Europe, New Zealand, Australia, North America and South Africa.

‘The independent engine remanufacturing industry already plays a significant role in the recycling of engine parts. They tackle emission problems on a daily basis, reducing overall outputs of existing vehicles,’ said FER secretary Brian Ludford. ‘With greater governmental support, there is potential to expand the market for remanufactured engine products and increase quality standards within the industry. This would have even further implications for emissions savings worldwide.’

WERC will be based in Brussels, where FIRM, the European body that represents the interests of engine remanufacturer associations in Europe, is already located.