Wired for Precision

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Precision Micro, the Midlands based manufacturer of high precision metal components has witnessed an increase in the number of customer requests to incorporate fine, high aspect ratio features in the components it manufactures.

To meet this need, the Company has installed a new high precision CNC driven Wire EDM machine capable of producing precision, high aspect ratio apertures with surface finish down to Ra 0.1µm, which for many applications eliminates the need for subsequent polishing.

To further increase the productivity of an already very efficient machine, Precision Micro has also invested in a low profile, universal, work holding tooling system,” said Mick Taylor, Market Development Manager. “By presetting the work piece away from the machine we are able to minimise machine set-up times, improve flexibility and increase our machine utilisation; all of which helps us to be more competitive in the market.”

In a recent request for a component incorporating high aspect ratio features, a major opto-electronics customer needed some multi-aperture plates from a 0.50mm thick special stainless material. The item could be manufactured economically using precision etching techniques but the design included a fine radial slot only 0.2mm wide, an aspect ratio outside the capabilities of the etching process. The design also asked for a very high quality cut surface finish and dimensional accuracy of +/-4 microns.

By combining its precision etching and wire EDM processes, Precision Micro was able to meet the demands economically without the need for custom tooling.

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