Zero-emission vehicles

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Ford and Toyota are leading the trend in electric car development with plans to bring their new range of zero-emission vehicles to the global market.

Ford and Toyota have separately announced their intentions to bring new zero-emission vehicles to the global market.

Ford is currently working alongside supplier Magna International to develop an electric version of its Focus model, which is expected to be ready in 2011.

The company is also working on a plug-in commercial van, which it intends to market in 2010.

Toyota has similar plans to launch an urban commuter battery-electric vehicle (BEV) by 2012.

This follows the company’s compressed natural-gas powered Camry Hybrid concept display, which it exhibited at the 2008 Los Angeles Auto Show.

Last year, Toyota announced a commitment to sell one million petrol-electric hybrid cars a year.

In order to achieve this, Toyota plans to launch about 10 new hybrid models by early 2010.

Toyota will also make plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHVs) available to global lease-fleet customers later this year.

While BEVs and vehicles such as Toyota’s iQ lightweight urban vehicle will play a role in Toyota’s sustainable mobility strategy, conventional petrol-electric hybrids will be the major component in Toyota’s long-term environmental direction.