The e4engineering site has become The Engineer Online. Dave Wilson explains why.

It depicted, perhaps, the most gory and horrific transformation in the history of motion pictures. I refer, of course, to the David Cronenberg science fiction masterpiece ‘The Fly’. In the film, our scientist hero - Jeff Goldblum - invents a method of teleporting himself from one place to another. But when a horrid insect finds its way into his teleportation pod, poor Goldblum ends up transforming into the creature!

And the transformation of the man into the fly is a gory, grisly no-holds barred affair. With much blood and lots of bone cracking to add to the horror. Thankfully, the rather wonderful Geena Davis does provide some relief to the carnage when she is in the frame.

This week, will be making a transformation too - into The Engineer Online. But if Jeff Goldblum’s transformation into The Fly was both repulsive and disgusting, the same can’t be said for the transformation of your favourite Web site and mine. This time the move is more akin to the emergence of a Wild Indigo Dusky Wing butterfly from a chrysalis.

By now, you’re probably wondering why we’d be changing a formula that has proved so stupendously successful already with our readers and advertisers. The answer is simple: we wanted to align and rebrand the e4engineering web site with the name of our market-leading technology news publication The Engineer.

But in this site rebranding process, we haven’t removed all the things that you and I have grown to love on the e4engineering site. There’ll still be news, features, products and, of course, opinion columns to keep you abreast of developments in technology and business. Still broken down into industry categories for ease of access.

With the rebranding, the URL of the web site will change from to, and the weekly e4 newsletter will now be known as The Engineer Online Email Newsletter.

So is this any more than just a name change? Yes it is! In addition to the regular columns and departments, we’ve added some secret sauce to make The Engineer Online site even more fun and whizzy.

You’re going to be able to comment on the articles that you read on the site. And email them directly to your buddies. And there’ll be the chance for you to post your resume on line so that recruiters can contact you with great job opportunities. But there’s a lot more to discover too, as I’m sure you’ll see when you browse this site yourself.

In fact, I think it’s fair to say that the only feature we haven’t got is the rather wonderful Geena Davis. And that’s really the only disappointing thing about it.

Dave Wilson