Firework fears

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The point made by John Halley about the non-environmental friendliness of fireworks is an intriguing one and had never occurred to me. (Letters,16-29 October). As someone who greatly enjoys fireworks I am now worried that someone in the environmental lobby will have read his letter and decide that — yes, this must be our next big campaign.

John Halley says government action is unlikely, presumably because he thinks it will be too unpopular to contemplate.

Believe me, if this government worried about things being unpopular before taking action it would have done about 10 per cent of the things it has done in the last 10 years (and the rest of us would be 90 per cent happier).

If the PC brigade get their claws into our fireworks then do not bet on them lasting another 5 November.

G Smith


John Halley's comments on the pollution caused by fireworks were sensible but coming from a resident of Edinburgh he surely has little choice in the matter. Some of the best fireworks I have ever seen were those at Edinburgh Castle a few new years ago. Mr Halley must have to stay indoors, close his curtains and put in ear plugs to avoid them.

Colin White