Green Monday

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The UK’s independent watchdog on sustainable development released a report today claiming information technology could play key role in making travel easier, safer and greener.

The Sustainable Development Commission say innovations in information communications technology (ICT) could have an important impact on improving fuel consumption and safety, cutting down on the need for time-consuming transport and making necessary journeys more enjoyable.

The commission’s report ‘Smarter Moves: How Information Communications Technology can promote Sustainable Mobility’ says with transport currently accounting for 29 per cent of the UK’s total domestic and international carbon dioxide emissions ‘a concerted government and business focus on ICT solutions could help provide answers to some of our most pressing transport problems.’

Meanwhile, other environmental groups are looking to promote greener lifestyles though energy from biomass and waste this week. The international ‘Energy from Biomass and Waste UK’ (EBW UK) conference and exhibition will be held Tuesday and Wednesday at the Royal Horticultural Halls and Conference Centre in London. The event is expected to bring together vendors, buyers, investors, municipal representatives, legislators and scientists interested in energy recovery from domestically grown resources and waste materials.

The environment will also be a main concern of the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) department this week as its Zero Carbon Task Force will release its final report on greener schools this Thursday. The DCSF appointed the task force to advise how new school buildings can be zero carbon by 2016.

Siobhan Wagner

Chief Reporter