Greenhouse effect

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I write regarding carbon capture from power plants.

There is a perfect use for the warm, moist, CO2-laden output of power plants — pump it into vast glasshouses that are growing our fruit and vegetables.

The tomatoes in my greenhouse like a warm and humid atmosphere, and the CO2 is absorbed by them and converted into O2 as we all know from school biology lessons. The carbon is tied up in the plant material.

Therefore, we put the waste heat to good use, we put the waste CO2 to good use and we become less reliant on imported food sources for the more exotic/Mediterranean fruit and vegetables that we all should be eating more of.

These locally grown fruit and vegetables also travel fewer food miles than imported alternatives, saving even more CO2.

It seems to me that the perfect place to do this would be at the proposed new power stations for the Garden of England, Kingsnorth in Kent. There are already vast glasshouses being built in Kent — perhaps some should be built next door to the power station.

Tom Clarke, Luton