Why is the onus on engineers to learn how to present their work to financiers?

Why is the onus on engineers to learn how to present their work to financiers as mentioned in your comment  The language of money?

The job of an engineer is to put together a product/system/ invention that works. I had always thought that it was the job of business people to spot potentially profitable innovations and help them to become a commercial success. That is presumably why they get paid salaries which most engineers can only dream about.

If engineers are supposed to come up with the technical know-how as well as the business plan, what is the point of the ‘pinstripe brigade’?

On a totally different subject, while there is a growing awareness that CCTV camera technology is good at catching criminals after the fact, it is of limited use in preventing crime. For this you need large numbers of police officers. The recent awful events in London have, I believe, underlined the point.

CCTV images led to the identification and subsequent capture of the bombing suspects, but flooding the transport system with thousands of police is seen as the best way to prevent another attack.

This illustrates the fallacy in relying on CCTV as our major technology in the fight against crime, and investing in it at the expense of other options.

Peter Smith