Industrial waste

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I agree with J White's comments in his letter, aptly headlined 'Let's talk turkey'.

I agree with J White's comments in his letter, aptly headlined 'Let's talk turkey' (

Talking Point, 11 December, 2006


At 44 I have 'survived' the trauma of industry decimation since moving from the north-east to the Midlands in 1986, working in many industries and now employed in the medical sector.

I have also witnessed the systematic 'sell-offs', 'closures' and 'relocations' without real government intervention.

I will never understand why any elected government would allow this to happen as it has a long-term detrimental effect to the country's wealth and future, whatever your political preference.

Recently, the rail industry in the form of Alstom has disappeared from the Midlands, as has most of GKN, Massey Ferguson, Rover and now Peugeot. Jaguar and Land Rover may also be gone soon, as they too are rumoured to be destined for a better place over the pond.

I believe the UK still nurtures the pioneers of tomorrow's breakthrough inventions, as it always has. The difference now is that they do not have an adequate industrial base in which to practise and hone their ideas. Sadly, the young are being brought up in an inverted cone of opportunity, diminishing with ever-increasing speed on a yearly basis.

Where will it end? When we reach 'Third World' status, industry will again come full circle and become a viable opportunity in the UK. Unfortunately it will probably not be in my lifetime.

Paul MacLean, Midlands