Rail restoration

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It was good to read the article on tram trains (Light relief, 1 May), which extolled the virtues of our formerly comprehensive rail and tram systems.

We have indeed lost out as buses have failed as an alternative and we are all aware of the impoverished and deteriorating environment we now live in because of cars, lorries and major roads.

We clearly need to restore our rail networks, and the happy situation of everyone being within easy reach of a service, including local freight facilities.

Regrettably, most closed lines have not been protected so station sites are often occupied by housing or industrial estates, making restoration difficult.

Light rail can surmount this difficulty with minimal disruption by running through or around such developments as tramways along convenient roads (estate roads often follow the former rail route).

Most closed lines are of a local nature so trams would be appropriate, but should also be able to carry cycles, prams, light goods and post office mails. The lines can also be used by local and feeder goods trains.

Jonathan Dalton, Eastbourne