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From 12th - 13 July, leading members of the additive manufacturing community will gather at Nottingham's Additive International Summit to share insights into the technologies that are shaping the future of the sector. Summit co-chairs - Professors Richard Hague and Chris Tuck - look ahead to this year's event.

Professors Richard Hague and Chris Tuck

Following the success of 2022’s return, the two-day Additive International Summit will be hosted in Nottingham City Centre on the 12th and 13th of July 2023 to bring together the world’s leading research and implementers of Additive Manufacturing that continue to push the boundaries forward for this disruptive technology.

As ever, the Additive International Summit aims to bring a diverse audience to discuss debate and learn about the very latest AM research and implementation from across the world.

The AM sector continues to be vibrant with an increasing range of application, technology variants and new materials that makes the AM sector so diverse. Arguably, AM has emerged and embedded itself as an important manufacturing tool, and a key one in the toolbox at that. However, there is still much to come from this disruptive technology in terms of enhancing the performance of products and providing unparalleled properties for components. The opportunities presented by AM can only be unlocked through a transdisciplinary approach, bringing engineers, scientists and business people together to make the most of AMs innate capabilities. Additive International has this philosophy at its core and so you can expect to see and be part of conversations that both inform and challenge conceptions for our community, whether this be in practicing AM organisations or in research communities looking to unlock capabilities for future applications.

Moving forwards, the concept of multi-material AM is now accepted as a next stage of development with many considering the digital distribution of materials and properties as the next method of unlocking even further design complexity. Whether this is controlling the microstructure of components or what has been termed “4D Printing”, it’s clear that single material, optimised structures which we have seen for over ten years are now a given, and as an industry AM needs to move to the next level. Additive International will bring these conversations and examples to an engaged audience looking to develop their understanding and share their expectations with the world. As always Additive International has attracted great speakers from around the globe.

These insights, coupled with our cutting-edge research base at the University of Nottingham, will showcase future AM potential in areas such as sensors, electronics, biology and new materials for healthcare, energy and power generation as well as the business needs out in the marketplace. Further, we will start to get underneath topics that could have significant impact for the UKs future Additive Manufacturing business base, with discussions not only centred on technology but also on how we gain greater levels of innovation and entrepreneurship in our sector.

As with 2022, Additive International is an in-person event, enabling the networking and side conversations that are one of the greatest benefits to bringing our community together, enabling new collaborations and relationships to be built and for us all to benefit from. We’re also delighted to be partnered once again with our friends at the Mark Allen Group and  The Engineer who will be helping bring this year’s event to a larger audience than ever before. We very much look forward to seeing you in July.