Stirring response

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You are always banging on about 'sexing up' engineering to attract more young people to the profession.

So why do you insist on including letters such as 'Causing a stir' (Talking Point, 30 June) which dealt with the most effective method of making coffee? It does nothing but reinforce the engineer stereotype that we are all nerdy, badly-dressed, socially inept dweebs who would rather spend all weekend updating the software on our PCs than actually getting out more.

I can picture the stirring expert mentioned in the letter now — and it's not a pretty sight.

Ian Brixey

Aeronautical & General Instruments

Poole, Dorset

Thank you for your observations, but we felt that the letter, far from demeaning engineers, raised a valid issue in a lighthearted way. It was published in the same spirit as all readers' letters included on these pages — editor