Surgically removed

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It is understandable why surgeons are slightly anxious about the growth in the use of robotics.

While the increased precision offered by robot devices during procedures is likely to be of benefit, I wonder if the element of relinquishing control is at the heart of their concerns.

I would imagine that surgeons spend many years developing an instinct for how an operation is proceeding, and the associated ability to react very quickly when things look like they are not going entirely to plan.

However sophisticated the technology becomes I guess a surgeon would rather trust his or her own hand-to-eye co-ordination and dexterity, guided by the experience of many operations, when things become difficult.

I also believe these highlyskilled people don’t want to end up feeling like they occupy the same role as airline pilots, who in the main leave the flying of planes to the autopilot and are only ever called upon during an emergency.

Simon Clarke