A mechanical power transmission coupling for just about any application

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A mechanical power transmission coupling for just about any application. From torsionally highly flexible to torsionally rigid, FLENDER couplings handling torque from 12 Nm to 7,200,000 Nm. Superb build quality made to last and provide the service you require.

1) What is your application?

2) Which mechanical power transmission coupling will best serve your purpose?

3) Which size and specification of coupling will safely and cost effectively fulfill your requirements?

jbj Techniques Limited supply a wide range of high quality couplings for mechanical power transmission including the highly respected FLENDER range to suit a wide range of applications. To suit manufacturing process industry, factory machines, test rigs and test benches, commercial vehicles, agricultural and heavy plant machinery, lifting machinery, mining industry, offshore industries and renewable energy technologies, a vast range of mechanical power transmission systems.

  • product specification team of design engineers to assist in design process, simple or complex, standard or bespoke.

  • prompt product supply large stocks for next day delivery on many items.

  • machine shop full machining services for bespoke designs.

Download the guide to correct coupling selection for any application that includes:

  • The reason for couplings
  • Shaft misalignment
  • Balancing
  • Shaft hub connections
  • Key to symbols & selection of coupling series
  • Standards
  • Formula symbols
  • Application factors
  • Quick reference selection grid
  • Coupling type selection
  • Coupling size selection
  • Fitting recommendations
  • Adverse conditions and ATEX

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