Accurately simulating entire systems in motion – multibody dynamics (MBD)

Simulating motion systems

Simulation has become critical to engineering design for nearly every manufacturing company. Finite element analysis is the most popular simulation tool but it tends to break down in situations where many components are in motion and interacting with each other. On the other hand, multibody dynamics (MBD) provides tools for quickly modelling and simulating complex assemblies with many components. MBD accurately determines how a system performs over its full range of operation by modeling slop, friction, interference, vibration, etc. MBD provides better prediction of loads earlier in the design process, making it possible to accurately predict life prior to the prototype phase. As a result, MBD makes it possible to simulate the performance of your product to a much higher level of fidelity earlier in the design process. You can evaluate more alternatives faster to deliver a more robust product with higher levels of performance while reducing product development costs.