Atlas Copco now offers a complete portfolio of process filtration solutions

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May 26, 2022 - Atlas Copco now serves the process filtration and purification needs of manufacturing industries with an extensive portfolio of cartridges, housings, and capsules for liquid and gas applications.

These versatile products incorporate advances in filtration technology, developed through a continuous programme of R&D-based innovation. They are designed to ensure end-product quality and to optimise productivity for a broad range of applications within the food & beverage, microelectronics, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical industries, at every stage from raw materials input through to final end product.

Produced from proven, high-quality materials and manufactured in a controlled environment under ISO 9001/ISO 14001 procedures, Atlas Copco’s process filters and their component materials are internally validated and selected for compliance with the highest industry standards for food and drug safety, chemical compatibility, and sanitisation procedures, and to ensure safe, reliable and effective performance. All components meet the EU and USA requirements for food contact use in accordance with FDA CFR Title 21 and with EU Regulation No. 1935/2004 and its subsequent amendments.

The complete cartridge variety comprises unit construction from melt blown fibre and pleated fibre for particle removal, together with pleated membrane for bioburden reduction. The cartridge range includes powder sintered filters for steam and gases as well as pleated filters for high temperature and corrosive liquid applications. In addition, carbon powder sintered filters and carbon rolled felt filters are available for chlorine, odour, and colour removal processes. The product range is completed with polypropylene, polyester, and nylon bag filters.

Atlas Copco’s process filtration offering also provides a wide selection of housings that includes sanitary housings for food and pharmaceutical applications involving liquid, gas, or venting processes. These are available in single or multi cartridge configurations. The range also includes housings for industrial applications with the options of single/multi cartridge, or large diameter cartridge versions, bag filters for liquids, and single or multi cartridge units for gases.

Filtration technology expert help is available to assist with the selection and sizing of solutions that ensure the integrity and quality of customer end-products while enhancing process operations in terms of productivity, continuity, and compliance.

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