Budget Racing Kit 1 with fixed tyre probe

Includes fixed racing tyre probe, digital meter and soft carry case.

Tyre Probe

- Fast response fixed racing tyre probe with a max depth of six millimetre

- A temperature range of -50 to +250°C

- 6mm probe tip

- Fitted with 1 m coiled lead and miniature plug

Can be used with any digital thermometer with a type k mini input socket

GM1312 General Purpose Digital Thermometer (K,J,T,E,N,R/S)

- K, J, T, E, N, R/S modes.

- 2 temperature modes: ° C, ° F and

- One push button to switch between ° F/° C mode as well to switch between MAX/MIN/AVG

- 2 temperature channels: T1 / T2

Differential temperature measurement

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