Carbon infrared heating system for polyamide pipes on trucks

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A carbon infrared heating system from Heraeus Noblelight is helping to ensure that Leyland Trucks can feed sufficient volumes of polyamide (PA) pipe to its production line to meet the rising demand for trucks from its Leyland, Lancashire factory. The PA pipes are essential components within the various pneumatic systems on modern-day trucks.

Leyland Trucks manufactures a wide range of vehicles. Pneumatic operating systems are a feature of all trucks and consequently there is a great need for large volumes of air-handling pipework. This pipework is delivered to the plant in large coils and stored awaiting processing. However when it is uncoiled, as with all plastics, it must be relaxed to allow it to straighten out. Conventionally, this is done by the application of heat, which slightly plasticises the polyamide.

Carbon infrared heating system for pipe trucks