Chock Liner designed to increase life of mooring lines

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Chock Liner

The Nylacast Low Friction Chock Liner has been designed to increase the life of mooring lines. The Low Friction Chock Liner, which can be used on a variety of vessels from COTs, FPSOs to LNG Carriers and other ships, has been designed to improve health and safety conditions.

The product works by utilising a Nylacast material with very low friction properties in order to line the often rough, worn, rusted chocks (or Panama Fairlead) on vessels, creating a harmonious relationship between critical mooring lines and the chock itself. It also allows vessel operators to shift from traditional steel wire rope, to higher performing synthetic ropes such as HMPE (High Modulus Polyethylene).

The Nylacast Low Friction Chock Liner can reduce abrasion and tearing of a mooring line. Better equalisation of mooring loads is created, which greatly reduces peak mooring loads, especially when in high swell. Elimination of any routine and costly maintenance is also delivered by the Nylacast Chock Liner.

Nylacast Chock Liner installation is a simple process using hand tools and requiring no hot work, making fitment a low-cost, low risk activity.