Contactless proportional rocker joystick

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Contactless proportional rocker joystickCurtiss-Wright Industrial division has announced the launch of the JC040, a single-axis, Hall-effect proportional rocker that is suitable for arduous applications in specialty off-highway vehicles.

The JC040 builds on legacy potentiometric versions available from the Corporation’s brand family of Penny & Giles, and uses non-contacting, Hall-effect sensing technology for long-life integrity of the output signal. The IP67-rated JC040 provides safety functionality via dual outputs – which can be set to positive or a combination of positive and negative ramps – and also benefits from independent supply voltages for each of the outputs.

The JC040 rocker is designed for integration within joystick grips and other in-cab human-machine interfaces; and benefits from a ‘pass through’ design for any liquid or dust contamination. Electronic robustness is assured by sealing of the internal electronics to a rating of IP67.

An optional, mechanical over-press feel – that operates at ±20° of travel from center positon – is integrated within the JC040 design to provide additional operator feedback. The electrical output of this mechanical feature can be used in a system to indicate a new mode of operation such as a rapid traverse.

Key features of the JC040 include:

• Return-to-center, ±25° rocker action

• 21mm under-panel depth

• Rated for 1 million operating cycles

• Dual supply, ensuring signal integrity

• Supplied as standalone unit or integrated into the Penny & Giles AMF range of grips

The JC040 launches with a 5Vdc supply voltage and connection via a 6-way flying lead.