Cut-to-length service for Schneeberger linear rails

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LG Motion has been offering a quick turnaround service on cut-to-length rails. The service covers Monorail sizes 15, 20, 25, 30 and precision linear rails with various carriage types and accessories.

LG Motion also has close partnerships with a number of motion control specialists, including the Swiss German precision manufacturer Schneeberger. Schneeberger has been designing and manufacturing linear guides and frictionless tables for over 90 years.

LG Motion works with OEMs, specialist machine builders and integrators to design-in and implement the complete range of Monorail profiled linear rails and guideways for applications requiring large-load-carrying capacity, precise positioning, high stiffness and an ability to withstand shock loading.

LG Motion has a working knowledge of Schneeberger linear bearings, having been building its precision rails, bearings and slides into standard and custom engineered positioning systems for many years. Ball-bearing-based recirculating linear guides are also available, as well as circulating and non-recirculating cross-roller bearings, complete slide assemblies and positioning tables.

The UK factory capability integrates all these products to match customers’ application requirements or simply supply the standard components.