Detect Pressure Changes As Low As 0-50mbar

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Applied Measurements

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0-50mbar pressure measurement in only 2-4 week delivery!

0-50mbar Pressure Range

Applied Measurements new Pa600-LR low range pressure sensors accurately measure from 0-50mbar in pressure making them ideal for building and factory ventilation where larger spaces create small changes in air pressure. Vacuum and compound ranges are also available up to 0-450mbar are available as standard.

Plus, these low range pressure sensors could also be used for cleanroom control and leak testing in non-corrosive or aggressive liquids and gases.

Better Than ±0.1% Accuracy

They have a better than ±0.25% accuracy and low hysteresis as standard, with an option to further enhance the accuracy to better than ±0.1% for 0-300mbar and above.

One-Offs to Bulk Orders

Our in-house, UK production facility can accommodate requirements of one-off orders to high volumes into the thousands.

Fast Delivery 2-4 Weeks

Thanks to our UK stock holding, we can deliver to you the new low range pressure sensors in as little as 2-4 weeks.

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