DIN rail-mounted weighing indicator and high-speed transmitter

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Incorporating the latest up-to-date electronics, the Model XT1000 is a high-performance display indicator and high-speed data transmitter suitable for static and dynamic weighing. It is specially designed for process weighing systems, as well as all types of machinery with weighing as part of their function. Because of its DIN/Omega rail mount design and versatility of digital input/output and data transmission options, it is suited to connection to PLCs, PCs and remote systems.

Typical applications include: weighing and level measurement of tanks and silos, filling and dosing machines, checkweighers, animal weighing, high speed sorting scales and multihead weighers. The XT1000 is suitable for check-weighing and other dynamic applications, thanks to the integrated checkweigher mode and the high speed data capture rate of 2400 measurements/second.